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•Fatima Abad’s Journal•
Entry # 1 01•October•2012 21:07
This may be yet another pathetic attempt of mine at creating a journal. Perhaps the recent influence from Bram Stoker’s Dracula has pushed me to this.
I am currently amidst deciding on college applications. Ah, the cruel agony! To take or not to take, words derived from great Shakespearean art.
Entry # 2 04•November•2012 22:56
Sadly, I did not take the SATs. Fear was within me and I could not bring myself to the task. Ah well, I have applied to four colleges in my country. All that is left is to hope for the best.
Entry # 3 05•November•2012 00:34
Why couldn’t I bring myself to do it? Was there fear and if there was, where then? Perhaps I was insecure. Am I afraid of failure? The inability to correctly put my thoughts out is painful and it keeps me vocally silent. Yet, here in this paper and in my mind, I can never be silenced. Why? Am I hiding behind false personas? If I am, someone help me.
Entry # 4 30•November•2012 20:53
I rarely ever do take the time to write. I have just finished rereading the previous entry. My, I do seem quite strange. Today though I feel this entry shall suffice.
Entry # 5 31•December•2012 21:58
It did not only take quite a while before my brother arrived to visit for New Year, it is also taking quite a long time for the year to end. As of late, I haven’t been sleeping much and I haven’t much trouble. Although now as the new year approaches I feel oddly tired. Now, I scribble away as I try to remain awake.
Entry # 6 05•January•2013 07:43
We have a dance recital and we haven’t practiced!
Entry # 7 13•February•2013 19:28
They’re selling Valentines paraphernalia in school. Why oh why?
Entry # 8 18•February•2013 03:07
Prom is done.
My friends and I rented a room in a hostel across the street from the prom venue. Blah blah blah make-up, dress up whatever. Prom. My roommates are asleep and we have laughed each to death.
Entry # 9 18•February•2013 15:04
We have our periodical exams coming up. So soon after prom. I am annoyed today. It’s like the periodical exams are saying “Up yours, kid!” Well, up yours too.
Entry # 10 22•February•2013 23:42
Dealing with the yearbook. Graduating in a month!
Entry # 11 27•March•2013 22:36
Well, Graduation happened today. Wooo! Recognition yesterday. Finally got that out. It’s funny when you say you won’t cry and you’re one of the first to bawl.



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