What My Thoughts On College Are

Some time back, when this blog was dead, I had taken the entrance tests to the top four universities in my country and thank goodness I passed them all.

Sure enough I wasn’t going to three of them because tuition there was unaffordable. I had decided where I was going, I didn’t get into the campus I wanted to though. Here I am about to enroll at my local campus. Don’t get me wrong I am not putting the school down… it’s just sad. Sad to see most of your friends go and leave to study elsewhere, while you’re stuck here without an adventure.

I AM stuck, no matter what people try to tell me. When I graduate, I get a job here, work here, live here and die here. That’s not what I wanted for myself, I wanted to go out and explore instead of being stuck in a shell. And try as I may to have myself transferred to the campus I wanted after the first year, the chances are still slim. I cannot escape.

I just can’t.



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