First Day Drama Now Overcome

Well, that was fast, and not scary at all. It even verged on being boring sometimes. Hahaha. What I thought would be a day of actual class time — with the teachers and whatever — became another orientation day.

Hour-long orientation at the head of the day. After, I, and a few newly met friends, decided to wait out an entire four-hour period because I kept trying to convince them that the teacher might come in at the last minute and congratulate us for being patient and whatever (I was paranoid). It obviously did not happen. We did not however waste those 4 hours because we took the time to get to know each other. :D

In the afternoon my high school classmates and I went into a room to wait for the teacher. What we didn’t notice as we went in was the upper-class couple at the opposite end, it then became obvious that we disrupted a ‘moment’. I guess the guy was mad. He told us we had more orientation to do upstairs, for which we left for immediately. Then boring stuff bla bla bla.

Finally to end the day, as I went home the police trainees boarding with us ran out to try and catch the suspect to a hold up in the area. Now, I am awaiting the sound of gunshots. :D



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