New Semester

Don’t you just hate how the month-long break gets you all psyched up and suddenly decides to smash your happiness like the sadist it is.
Okay, I don’t think that first sentence was right. Yeah, well, whatever.

The break is ending and we are starting a new semester, I can’t believe I haven’t done anything productive—even after all the self-advice, I can’t seem to focus, like ever.

orig letter

Look, it’s my masochistic awesome schedule!

I would like everyone to know that we make our own schedule—and gaawd did I make a huge mistake stuffing tuesday morning full so I had the afternoons off. Three damn bloody subjects in a row, non-stop—it’s going to be hell. T.T

Not to mention I’ll be alone since, in the first place none of my friends were even in my block, second, not a lot of the people I am blockmates with chose the same classes as me. Sooo I guess it’ll be a sad semester. I am never making that mistake again.

But that won’t stop me, I have to do a lot better this semester, average is not okay. I actually want my parents to be proud of me this time, not just happy I got through the semester. Study plans and study buddies are very much welcome. And I really should delete all my tv shows, they’re starting to get reaally distracting.

Well, I guess I’ll log off for a while. I still have to find out how big a hole I’m digging myself in with my tuition fees.



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