In Haiyan’s Wake

I didn’t sleep. It was 5:31 in the morning and the power had just went out. The wind outside was starting to get really strong—you could almost imagine the roof peeling away from the house. The tallest of the coconut trees being whipped around like toys.

We didn’t expect Haiyan to be exceptionally strong. It was a level five storm, and since we got through a level four storm unscathed, Haiyan didn’t seem such a big deal.

We got out the normal storm preparations. We took the appliances away from the windows, shut the doors and tied down the windows. That last one we had to do from the outside. Seeing the clouds move through the sky and debris thrown around in the wind made the fear set in. I realized something wasn’t right.

November 8th 2013 is a day never to be forgotten, certainly not by those who witnessed the destruction left in Haiyan’s wake.



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