The Last Princess

Ang huling prinsesa.

The Filipino culture is one overflowing with rich heritage. Sadly, like most cultures, ours is slowly dwindling into the forgotten past – the legends and customs of our predecessors living only in museum displays and library books.
One of the last proofs we have left are the Binukots of the Panay Bukidnon. These are women secluded from the world, never allowed to play or work in their lifetimes. Not being able to leave their houses,  Binukots are taught to dance and sing and they become living archives of our cultures.
These women are, of course, very essential to the preservation of our exquisite cultures. However,  the practice is becoming rarer and rarer as young women are now refusing to become Binukots.
It is saddening to witness the dying of a custom but we must understand that everyone must have their own rights and exercise them freely. Although,  there is a school lead by a son of one of the late Binukots, where members of the community are taught the great epics and dances of their heritage. This at least, will keep some part of the heritage safe.
Several questions may arise,  among them,  “Why should something so beautiful a practice die?”



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