When I came to Manila I didn’t know I was going to continue the semester in the flagship campus of my University. After Haiyan, I thought I would have to wait in a safe place until news came out that we could go back to school, probably in January or later (which did in fact happen).
I never imagined I would have experienced what I went through this semester—a semester full of drama, laziness and secrets I will take to my grave (none of them bad though, I just wanna keep them secret)—anywhere else, especially back at home in Tacloban where I am watched over by the omnispective presence that is my mother( come on, that was funny).
I guess I came to WordPress today just to say Thank You! To all the people who filled my semester with hell, fun, what-I-think-is-awesomeness, crazy shit, bitchiness, MATH, speeches, dramas, late nights, late nights that became mornings, Red Bull, Sting, palpitations, paperwork, blue art paper, letters, sticky notes, handouts and all the other shit I can’t remember right now — or probably won’t mention anyway because this post isn’t about all that shit, it’s about me saying thank you to no one in particular — but I definitely will remember long after I have finished (that was long-winded, I dare you to say read that sentence in one breath).



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