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What are we celebrating?

Let’s not celebrate Valentine’s Day. There are three hundred and sixty five days in a year. I would love you on every single one of those days. Why celebrate the ordinary? We celebrate something rare or special, but loving you is anything but rare.

I would rather celebrate you, because whatever it is I’ve found in you, that’s rare. So no more roses, no more chocolates, no more teddy bears. Let’s celebrate each other everyday.

Note: This is poetic me. I’m not really in a relationship. ;)


Every now and then, writing a paper becomes sentimental.

Love is one of nature’s roughest concepts—it is by far the most involved and yet the least grasped upon of all the ideas that have sprung from the mind of man. It is an idea—a feeling—unseen, ineffable; and yet, it ensnares one’s being. It is beautiful and devastating. So enormous, so immense, is its effect, one must ask, “Where does it come from?”

The mind, says science.